About us

Director Bron Madson has a wealth of high-level communications knowledge and experience. She has advised and been trusted by Cabinet Ministers, Board Chairs and Chief Executives. She was Press Secretary and Strategic Communications Advisor to Alan Johnson for five years and worked across Whitehall with No. 10, the Treasury and the Foreign Office for more than 10 years.

Bron has also successfully managed and delivered high-profile integrated PR campaigns incorporating internal and external communication, stakeholder relations and direct and local marketing.

A quick and decisive thinker, her instinctive political nous coupled with strong news sense and ability to grasp complex issues thoroughly and quickly means she is calm, confident and competent in a crisis, providing the strong support and guidance essential to protect reputation.

On the strategic communications front, Bron knows how to build and maintain the relationships necessary to ensure your messages are delivered to your key audiences in a timely and effective manner. She can help you devise, develop and deliver short and long-term proactive communications campaigns, or simply raise awareness of a key conference, event or speech.

With 13 years’ experience of Whitehall and nine years’ experience as a journalist in the UK and USA, Bron understands how Government, Parliament and the media work and the importance of behind the scenes relationships to delivering your business communication goals.

Madson Communications provides interim and consultancy services.

Bron Madson is security cleared until 2020 and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.